16 October 2018: Pendall lab group hosts Dr. Michael Loranty, from Colgate University, USA. His seminar is at 12:30 PM: “Fire Severity Influences on Ecosystems and Climate in Siberian Boreal Forests.”


3 August 2018: Pendall lab group hosts Prof. Pil Joo Kim, from Gyeongsang National University in South Korea. His seminar will be at 11 AM.

Prof Kim Seminar

29 May 2018: Pendall lab group hosted Dr. Eric Davidson for an ARC-funded workshop. His seminar is at 12:30: “Manure Happens: Unintended consequences of nourishing >7 billion human omnivores.” Davidson Seminar May2018

10 April 2018: Anne got a grant! the awesome HIE travel grant to go to the 2018 OzFlux Annual Meeting and Workshop in Darwin, Australia!

3 April 2018: Kirsten received the Hawkesbury Appeal Prize to support her research on stable isotope tracers of nitrogen in legume-grass cultivations