29 May 2018 – One step further with the successful “ARC Soil Respiration Workshop”!!! (Top) Elise, Mingkai, Jinquan, Allison, Nina, Mark, Anne, Alexis, Stefan, Vanessa, Belinda, Eric and Namjin). Great discussion and up-comping fun works!! (Bottom) Eric D. gave HIE folks an awesome talks ‘Manure Happens’! (Photo/notes by NJ)


12 March 2018 – Let’s go to the field! Thanks to Kim for bringing us the awesome sun protection caps!?!. Anne, Dan, Namjin, Jinquan, Alexis, Kirstine, Elise, Kim (from left). It’s souvenir from Kim (Photo credit: KB / note by NJ:))


27? February 2018 – PhD student Kirsten Ball flanked by supervisors Elise Pendall and Sally Power, on a mission to assess soil carbon and nutrient cycling responses to vineyard cover crop trials in South Australia. (note by EP?)